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Adnan Al Saour & Co. ,founded in 1968, specialized in metallic industries.
In 1995 the company has approached another project, which is manufacturing high quality stainless steel cookware under the registered trademark “Heart Stainless Steel”.

The design and manufacturing of the company's products represent the finest expression of its commitment to excellence starting from importing prime quality raw materials, using state-of-the-art technologies and modern industrial equipments, in addition to its perfect mastery of the process in order to meet people-need in a very fast-changing and developing world.
Heart Stainless Steel cookware is extremely durable and keeps its good look for a lifetime. Heart Stainless Steel cookware includes stainless steel pressure cookers, pots, pans, frying pans, casseroles, teapots, coffee pots, oven round trays, rectangular oven trays with stand, electric coffee makers, electric water kettles, whistling kettles, salt shaker, serving trays, ashtrays, oil kettle, water kettle, tableware set, cutleries and serving bowl, all of which are available in various models and sizes. Furthermore, all of Heart Stainless Steel products are manufactured according to the Syrian and European Standardizations.
By 2002 the company had outgrown its original production line in order to approach another project, which is manufacturing round horizontal and vertical stainless steel storage tanks under the registered trademark “Sahha Stainless Steel”. All Sahha Stainless Steel storage tanks are available in several capacities and thickness as well as custom-made tanks.
Our well-earned reputation for general product excellence, precise workmanship, unsurpassed product quality , attractive designs and the know-how technologies lend confidence to customers with our products line.
Optimum industrial expertise, utilizing the safe and healthy industrial methods, innovation, on-time delivery, customer satisfaction, product guarantee and after-sale service (Hello, maintenance) are the driving forces of Adnan Al Saour & Co.
and which have been the cornerstone for establishing Heart International Group.
Heart a Constant quest for excellence ……………

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