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In order to meet the people-needs and to satisfy our customers, we established a Central Maintenance Section under the registered trademark “Hello, maintenance" which consists of:

  1. Central Maintenance Team.
  2. Itinerant Maintenance Team.
  3. Maintenance Cars.
  4. Mobiles.


Function of this Section:
The Itinerant Maintenance Team is equipped with the cars and mobiles; he replies for our customers’ comments and inquiries and visits them at homes if necessary.

He collects the defected product and delivers it to the Central Maintenance Team who performs the necessary maintenance.

A few days later, the repaired product is delivered to the customer free of charge, as our products are 12 years guaranteed and 1-year guarantee for the pressure cooker rubber gasket.

The Itinerant Maintenance Team performs another important function, which is visiting our distributors such as establishments and showrooms where he arranges the so-called “The Unique Stand”

Thus, our products are spreading locally and abroad, as our main aim is to satisfy all demanding tastes.


Maintenance tel. no. : 58 111 91






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